The Data Analytics Cloud For Test & Manufacturing


A data analytics platform designed for test and manufacturing

Dynamic Database

Eliminate the difficulty of the first mile - managing all those test data files. Your database is built automatically as data is stored. No DB coding or schemas. 

Rapid Perspectives

Easy to use web app to create and view trend, stats, and metrics reports because you don’t have a team of data scientists to help you get to root cause. 

Yield and Evaluation

Don’t rely on the tester to determine quality. Re-check your data after the fact with diagnostic trees and binning to perfect your yield


Let the software create your routine reports while you‘re asleep. Subscribe to and share reports with your team. Get alert notifications on reports. 


So you’ve got proprietary algorithms and custom summary reports? No problem, our platform supports custom plugins for limits, indicators, charts, and reports.  

Cross Platform

Don’t want to start a platform war? Neither do we. Our REST API integrates with your platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix, C++, Python, LabVIEW and .NET  

Feature Samples

Statistical Analysis

Create statistical reports from data with drag and drop simplicity. No need for complex excel formulas or code. Multiple analyses including Cpk, Tolerance Interval, I-MR, XBar-RS, Paretos and more.


Easily create metrics from your test data variables. You can slice and group by any data fields (eg. station, serial, date) including fields in your test data (power, frequency, voltage). You can visualize these metrics as bar graphs, pie charts, tree maps and sankey diagrams.

Trend Charts

You can easily create trend tables and then plot data. You can stack them vertically for correlation and add limit lines that can pick failures. You can isolate failed results into workspace bins to disposition and analyze them separately.

Plot Correlation

You can query and overlay 2D plot data to find out of family plots that may have passed spec. Grouping allows you split charts vertically, horizontally, or by color coding to isolate differences to unit serial, test phase, or any other test data variable.

Yield Analysis

Specification limits applied during testing are inadequate for quality control. With Vantage, you can specify custom limits and re-evaluate your current and previous test data. You can perform hypothetical yield and diagnostic multi-pass limits to evaluate your data. 

Test Level Data

Vantage manages all your original raw test data sets, so you have the ability to drill down to a single test run and view the raw data and test reports. Our software does automatic bookkeeping for duplicate run numbers.

Flexible License Options


  • Users (10)
  • Active Sessions (3)
  • Data Writers (3)
  • DB Limit (2, 2GB)


  • Users (25)
  • Active Sessions (10)
  • Data Writers (10)
  • DB Limit (10, 50GB)


  • Users (Unlimited)
  • Active Sessions (25)
  • Data Writers (25)
  • DB Limit (50, 1TB)
  • Automation, Plugins

  • Users (Unlimited)
  • Active Sessions (100)
  • Data Writers (100)
  • DB Limit (5TB)
  • Automation, Plugins

Vantage will be available in an annual subscription model which includes support and new updates.
Licensing is per web server, on your own hardware. We can provide guidance for you to setup your own cloud on AWS or Azure if you choose.

Active sessions are for each simultaneous user logged in from a server.
Data writers are for each simultaneous connected API to write data (i.e. test systems or importers)
DB Limits specify how many databases are allowed and the total size of all databases per tier.

A 3 month free trial will be available, Verifide will support you to get your data imported through the API.
Final license tiers and pricing will be published at release.

About Verifide

Verifide Technologies, Inc. is a software company founded in 2006 and based in Silicon Valley, CA. We provide software that test and manufacturing organizations use to build test systems, analyze data, find root causes, and reduce risk.
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